Mohokare Local Municipality Vacancies 2020

About Mohokare Local Municipality
The Mohokare Local Municipality, located within Xhariep District, is a municipality located on the lands of south-eastern Free State. This municipality is well known for its three major towns, which are Zastron, Smithfield, and Rouxville.

Zastron, situated on the edge of Aasvoelberg, is famous for being the hub of administration in Mohokare. The town is iconic for its Eye of Zastron, a nine meter hole made of a sandstone rock that also serves bushman art near its scattered farms.

Smithfield, founded in 1848, is located on the Free State Province of South Africa. It is known for its countryside, where visitors come to enjoy its upmost peace and serenity. Expect unpolluted beauty as you take walks aroudn the historic town, which just so happens to be situated in the middle of hills.

Rouxville, tucked amongst all of the aforementioned interesting towns, is noted for its astounding Maluti mountains that paint its landscape. Lovely for enjoying views, the town has had a long religious history of holding church services for the local society to take part in.

Mohokare Local Municipality Job Vacancies 2020
The Mohokare Municipality is currently under the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 (Act No 2 of 2000). Under this code of conduct, South African citizens reserve the right to access information, especially in regards to government-held information.

With this right being vigorously exercised in the municipality, the Mohokare government commits itself to:

  • Promoting transparency and accountability within the working force
  • Encouraging South Africans to practice their right to access information
  • Implementing and exercising the citizens’ rights.

If you are interested in a applying for a job vacancy, visit the official Mohokare government website regularly to check for more information regarding any job openings.

How to Apply:

  1. Ask for a job application form by directly approaching the Mohokare government office
  2. Fill out the job application form correctly
  3. Attach your application form with your Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letter, and other necessary documents that are required by the vacancy
  4. Submit your form along with all of your documents to the Mohokare government office.

Important Notes:

  1. Candidates who have sent their application forms after the deadline will automatically be dismissed
  2. Make sure all of the information you have provided on your application form and all of your documents are correct
  3. Candidates will be assessed based on their competency and the qualifications they have provided
  4. If the candidate has not heard from their employer within a period of 30 days, it means that their application was not accepted
  5. If you have any questions or inquiries about the vacancies, visit the Mohokare government website to get more information.

Sample Job Positions:

  • Corporate Services
  • Technical services
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Community Services
  • Corporate services.

Mohokare Local Municipality Contact Details:
Physical Address:
52 Reichenberg St
M3XP+4C Zastron

Postal Address:

Tel: +27 81 756 9904

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