Gauteng Province Vacancies 2020

About Gauteng Province
The Gauteng Province is well-known for its governmental advocacy for the community in it. Serving as the political nerve center, the Gauteng Office of the Premier strives mission of the Gauteng Office of the Premier is to serve as a political nerve centre to ensure that government excels in fulfilling its mandate.

The Gauteng’s Office of the Premier believes in the missions of maintaining a civil society by harnessing the best possible skills of its citizens and supporting the productive spirits of all Gauteng citizens. This is done by developing a state where we are able to drive change and transformation into the lives of its people.

Gauteng Province Job Vacancies 2020
The Gauteng Provincial Government has come up with several strategies to create high-quality employment opportunities through a growing public service system that focuses on effectiveness, efficiency, and development. Which is why the Gauteng government has intiated the GPG Professional Job Center.

Through the GPG Professional Job Center, the Gauteng Government is able to receive the attention of young workers who have an extensive skill set, a professional mindset, and an innovative force. By registering yourself to the GPG Professional Job Center, you will be part of future workforce that aims for the success of the Gauteng Province.

If you are looking for employment in Gauteng, visit the official Gauteng Job Vacancy page here.

Job Application Account Registration

  1. Click on “Register Profile” and fill in all your personal information
  2. After creating an account, log in to search for job vacancies
  3. Click on “Browse Jobs” to search for job vacancies available in each department
  4. If you know the reference number of the application, use the “Quick Search Engine” available on the Home Page.

How to Apply for a Job Vacancy

  1. Visit the Gauteng Job Vacancy website to find your a job position
  2. Click “View” to find out more about the job vacancy
  3. Click “Apply” to apply for the job vacancy
  4. Read the job vacancy description. Click “Next” to continue
  5. Click “Cancel” if you’d like to cancel the application
  6. Answer all the questions on the questionnaire
  7. Click “Submit”.

Important Notes:

  • You must register for an account to apply for a job vacancy
  • You must scan all of your important documents for a job
  • All given information must not be false
  • Late applications will automatically be dismissed
  • Make sure that your qualifications match the job you’re applying for
  • If you do not receive any news within 3 weeks, it means that your application was dismissed.

Available Job Vacancies in Gauteng:

  • Administration Officer
  • Pharmacist Assistant
  • Medical Officer
  • Cleaner
  • Administration Clerk.

Gauteng Province Contact Details:
Physical Address:
30 Simmonds Street

Postal Address:
Private Bag X74

Tel: (011) 355 6000
Fax: (011) 834 9177

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