Midvaal Local Municipality Vacancies 2020

About Midvaal Local Municipality
The Midvaal Local Municipality is located within Sedibeng District, just right down south of Gauteng Province. With rural areas, Midvaal is known for its farming culture. The natural wonders of the municipality, namely Sukerbosrand Nature Reserve and Vaal River, play a key role in the development of the municipality.

As the fastest growing municipality in the Gauteng Province, Midvall prides itself in its Development Planning. The key to their constant growth is their ability to promote the quality of their urban infrastructure, efficient public transport network, and integrated human settlements.

Midvaal dedicates itself to become a community that has an effective and well-planned government. With the an effective mindset, the government promises its community to develop a supportive environment that is open to growth and changes.

Midvaal Local Municipality Job Vacancies 2020
Midvaal is a hotspot for active jobseekers out there. Famous for its constant economic growth, the Midvaal government aims to improve the quality of life in both its towns and rural areas as everyone deserves an equal opportunity for their careers.

The municipality strives on enriching the lives of its community. All this is done through the acts of innovation, engaging in partnerships, promoting sustainability in its ecosystem, revolutionizing entrepreneurship, and being a municipality that is ethical and proactive towards its society.

If believe in the act public service for the community and interested in applying for a job vacancy in Midvaal, visit the official Midvaal government page here.

How to Apply:

  1. Visit the official Midvaal government website to check for available job vacancies http://midvaal.pnet.co.za/
  2. Download the Local Labour Register Application Form. You can download the form here
  3. Fill out the form accordingly and attach it with your Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letter, and all other supporting documents
  4. Submit your application and documents to the Midvaal government by Postal Address.

Important Notice:

  1. Be careful of false job vacancy advertisements on social media. They will usually ask for money if you plan to apply
  2. Authentic job advertisements posted by the Midvaal government will never ask for a fee
  3. Should you encounter any of these perpetrators online, immediately make a report to the Anti-Fraud and Corruption Hotline 086 0268 624
  4. If you’d check for official statements, visit the Midvaal government website www.midvaal.gov.za or call the HR office on (016) 360 7409.

Sample Job Positions:

  • Deputy Director
  • Presiding Corporate Services Cluster
  • HR Directorate.

Midvaal Local Municipality Contact Details:
Physical Address:
25 Mitchell Street

Postal Address:
PO Box 9

Fax: (016) 360 7519
Website: http://www.midvaal.gov.za/

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