Pixley Ka Seme District Municipality Vacancies 2020

About Pixley Ka Seme District Municipality
The Pixley Ka Seme District Municipality is located within the south-eastern parts of the Northern Cape province. As one of the five district municipalities in the province, the district spans over a massive surface area of 102.727 km².

Striving in the art of development and sustainability, the Pixley Ka Seme government years for future generations to support its vision. This involves a certain list of initiatives that needs to be carried out amongst society. Some of these missions include:

  • Providing support to other areas by offering dedicated service in creating homes in the community’s towns, settlements, and rural areas
  • Promoting leadership that involves politics, leadership, and direction with the hopes of improving development planning process
  • Encouraging the growth of economic status within both urban and rural communities
  • Enhancing development planning in most of the municipalities
  • Following the initiatives and the code of conduct of the National Development Plan.

Pixley Ka Seme District Municipality Job Vacancies 2020
The Pixley Ka Seme District Municipality strongly believes in the potential of qualified candidates that are capable of applying for their job vacancies. The government ensures that the working culture promote equal opportunities, affirmative actions, and follows the conduct of employment equality.

In addition, Pixley Ka Seme believes in an inclusive working environment that encourages society of different races, genders, and disabilities to partake in its career opportunities. Future candidates are expected to posses a list of highly-redeemed qualities to promote excellence and professionalism, namely:

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Inspiring
  • Caring
  • Respect
  • Resourceful
  • Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Commitment to the spirit of the African renaissance
  • Quality transformational leadership.

If have most of those traits and are interested in applying for a job vacancy, visit the official Pixley Ka Seme government website for more information regarding the municipality’s available careers.

How to Apply:

  1. Download the employment application form here
  2. Print out the application form
  3. Fill out the application form and attach it with other necessary documents such as Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter
  4. Submit your application form and required documents to the Pixley Ka Seme government office address.

If you have any inquires regarding the application process, you can visit the official Pixley Ka Seme government contact page.

Sample Job Positions:

  • Environmental Health Practitioners
  • Municipal Manager
  • Senior Support Services Officer & Messenger
  • Labor Relations Officer and Risk Officer
  • Supply Chain Management Accountant.

Pixley Ka Seme District Municipality Contact Details:
Physical Address:
Culvert Road
Industrial Area
De Aar

Postal Address:
Private Bag X1012
De Aar

Tel: (053) 631 0891
Fax: (053) 631 2529
Website: http://www.pksdm.gov.za/

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