Oudtshoorn Local Municipality Vacancies 2020

About Oudtshoorn Local Municipality
The Oudtshoorn Local Municipality is an area located at the Garden Route District in the Western Cape Province. As one of the seven municipalities of the district, Oudtshoorn is highly unique for its semi-desert landscape. With its natural environment, Oudtshoorn is a hub for development potential.

The Oudtshoorn government has a contributed major part into the economy. Because of its geographical location, Oudtshoorn used the opportunity to develop its main transport routes, natural resource base, human resources, institutional centre function, and commercial resources.

Besides that, the Oudtshoorn government believes in the act of providing the best in the tourism industry. Its famous festival, Klein Karoo Nasional Kuntefees (KKNK), has not only united the arts scene, but it has also developed a stronger bond of the Oudtshoorn community.

Oudtshoorn Local Municipality Job Vacancies 2020
With its potential in various industries, the Oudtshoorn government strives to provide nothing but the best to its residents, business community, industries, hospitality, and tourism sector.

Future candidates who are interested in applying for job vacancies are required to possess qualities that include a sense of integrity and an excellent track record. After all, Oudtshoorn believes in the motto of “work, learn, play, and prosper”.

If you plan to apply for a job in Oudtshoorn, check out the job vacancies available on its notice boards, newspaper, or the Oudtshoorn career website http://www.oudtshoorn.gov.za/careers.

How to Apply

  1. Download the application form available at the Oudtshoorn government offices or its website http://www.oudtshoorn.gov.za/
  2. Fill out the form and submit it along with your CV and all necessary documents
  3. Submit your application by post.

Note: applicants with disabilities are encouraged to apply for Oudtshoorn job vacancies.

Important Notices:

  1. Ensure that all certified documents are not older than 3 months to maintain its credibility
  2. The Oudtshoorn government will only accept hard-copy applications
  3. Canvassing is strictly disallowed
  4. If you have not heard back from your employer in 12 weeks, your application has been denied
  5. Do not submit your applications after the deadline.

Application Tips:

  1. Double check the reference number on your application
  2. Your qualifications should match the criteria of the job vacancy
  3. Be specific and detailed in your CV and Cover Letter
  4. Always check the Oudtshoorn career website to check for more available job vacancies http://www.oudtshoorn.gov.za/careers.

Sample Job Positions:

  • Cango Caves Tour Guides
  • Cashiers.

Oudtshoorn Local Municipality Contact Details:
Physical Address:
69 Voortrekker Road

Postal Address:
PO Box 255

Tel: (044) 203 3000
Fax: (044) 203 3104
Website: http://www.oudtshoorn.gov.za/

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