Swellendam Local Municipality Vacancies 2020

About Swellendam Local Municipality
Swellendam Municipality is a location that is placed in Western Cape. As the central part of Overberg District, Swellendam Munnicipality has a huge area that spans of 3,835 square kilometres. This municipality includes towns like Swellendam, Barrydale, Suurbraak, and Buffeljagsrivier. Even though its made up of towns, it also has rural places as well, namely Malagas and Infanta.

As an area that is well-known for its lush agriculture, Swellendam Municipality has intensively taken part in major acts of agriculture and agro-processing. Some of its famous local produces include fruits, barley, wheat, livestock, and grapes for wine production.

Besides its wealth of agriculture, Swellendam Municipality is an area that is rich in ecotourism. You’ll find that the place has a powerful historical aura to it, and there are activities tourists can partake in to explore its cultural heritage. If you’re in Swellendam, don’t forget to visit its landmarks, such as Bontebok National Park, Marloth Nature Reserve, and Sonbona Wildlife Reserve.

Swellendam Local Municipality Job Vacancies 2020
In Swellendam, the government prides itself in hiring employees coming from diverse backgrounds. With a shared sense of commitment to improve the welfare of its local community, the Swellendam government ensures that everyone is given equal opportunities with the right salary packages.

Job vacancies in are usually posted by the Swellendam government on its website, notice boards, and newspapers. For more information regarding these job vacancies, visit this website https://www.swellenmun.co.za/careers.

How to Apply:
Get your application forms at any Government Offices. If you don’t feel like going to the office, you can simply download the form at their official website here.

Besides the official application form, do not forget to bring your Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter. If you have any questions regarding the job application process, simply contact this official below:

Mr P Le Roux
Human Resource Manager
Tel: 028 514 8500
Street Address: 49 Voortrek Street, Swellendam

Things to Check:

  1. Make sure that your application form is attached to your Curriculum Vitae and copies of the required documents for the vacancy
  2. Always check the deadlines of each job vacancy as it may differ from time to time. You can check them at https://www.swellenmun.co.za/careers.

Available Job Vacancies:

  • Chief Audit Executive
  • Performance and Compliance Officer
  • Audit Committee
  • Senior Traffic Officer
  • Performance and Compliance Officer
  • Senior Media Relations Officer
  • Town Planner.

Swellendam Local Municipality Contact Details:
Physical Address:
49 Voortrek Street

Postal Address: –

Tel: (028) 514 8500
Fax: (023) 514 2694
Email: –
Website: https://www.swellenmun.co.za/

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