Barberton Mines Bursary Programmes 2021-2022

Barberton Mines Profile
Barberton Mines is a subsidiary company established under Pan African Resources. With a total of 130 years of experience under their belt, Barberton Mines has greatly contributed to the nation’s mining industry. The Barberton Mines complex is made up of three individual mining operations, which are the Sheba, Fairview, and Consort mines. Each of them are formed to produce a high amount of mineral resources in a safe and sustainable manner. Thanks to the company’s strict protocols, Barberton Mines has managed to accomplish 2 million shifts that are free from any fatalities or disruptances.

About Barberton Mines Bursaries 2021-2022
Barberton Mines is offering 5 (five) bursary schemes for young, talented students who display exemplary academic achievements in their educational journey. The Barberton Mines Bursaries has been providing tremendous support towards undergraduate students who happen to be living residents of the company’s Labour Sending Area (Barberton and other surrounding areas). The company believes that this bursary scheme is a massive contribution towards their local communities. It allows residing youths to uplift themselves and keep moving onward with their academic pursuits.

The Barberton Mines Bursaries are provided for these following study fields:

  • BENG/BSCMechanical Engineering
  • BENG/BSC Mining Engineering
  • BENG/BSC Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Bachelor of Mineral/Mine Surveying


  • Candidates who are pursuing any study fields not mentioned above will not be eligible for a bursary scheme
  • The bursary programme does not take place on a yearly basis
  • Candidates interested in the programme should submit in their application only if they display real passion for the company’s line of work and the field they are studying.

Bursary Benefits
Selected awardees of the Barberton Mines Bursary will be entitled to financial assistance and a number of benefits. These include:

  • Full, 100% coverage of the awardee’s university tuition expenses, registration costs, and prescribed study materials
  • Learning facilities such as a laptop and e-learning resources
  • Accommodation costs that allows for a single room in a University Hostel
  • A monthly stipend for daily meals and transportation costs.


  • Candidates who are currently residing around the Barberton and any surrounding areas will not receive any remunerations for their transportation expenses
  • The bursary scheme does not cover and Internet expenses
  • Study-related payments such as tuition expenses, registration costs, and prescribed study materials will directly be transferred to the institution and the bookshop in charge
  • The monthly stipend will directly be transferred to the bursary awardee.

Barberton Mines Bursary Requirements
The Barberton Mines Bursary is a generally open programme that invites everyone of different demographics. However, besides pursuing any one of the aforementioned study courses, and displaying remarkable academic achievements, there is one major requirement that must be fulfilled by candidates. In order to qualify for the bursary scheme, all interested candidates must show legitimate proof of residing in the company’s Labour Sending Area (Barberton and surrounding areas.) Should you fail to meet those requirements, you may possibly have your applications revoked by the committee.

How to Apply Barberton Mines Bursary 2021-2022
Before you start on your applications for the Barberton Mines Bursary, candidates will need to check the programme’s availability status. To do this, you can either check through the Official Barberton Website or the Mbombela Government Website. You can see whether the bursary is accepting applications at the moment from any one of these two websites. If it’s available right now, you can proceed with the registration.

Candidates must retrieve a legitimate application form from the City of MbombelaLocal Municipality (Southern Region, Barberton and Central office Region Nelspruit). Alternatively, you can download the application form from any one of the two websites mentioned above. Make sure that you fill in all queries with the correct, personal information. Candidates discovered to be falsifying any aspects of their applications will automatically be dismissed from registration.

In addition to the application form, candidates must also submit their letter of acceptance as issued by the candidates’ respective University in South Africa. The application form and the document are to be sent to the selection committee way before the deadline. Please be kindly informed that the selection committee has zero tolerance for any late applications.

Important Notice

  • Announcements will only be made to shortlisted candidates only
  • Communications will be done through telephone, and shortlisted candidates will also receive a written confirmation
  • Candidates who have been shortlisted for the programme must participate in an interview
  • Candidates who have fully succeeded in the registration process will be given a bursary agreement that must be signed between both parties
  • Bursary payments are to be made for the following academic year. There will be no payments made for the academic years that have already been finished by the candidate
  • Current bursars of the Barberton Mines Bursary are not allowed to re-apply for the programme
  • Should you required any further information about the Barberton Mines Bursary, please send in your enquiries to Edmond Chirwa on +27 13 712 8500 X2256.

Barberton Mines Contact Address
Office Address:
Kaapmuiden Road, Barberton, 1300, South Africa

Mail Address:

Tel: +27 13 712 9014

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