Silumumanzi Bursary Programmes 2021-2022

Silumumanzi Profile
Silumumanzi is a respectable establishment that provides sanitary water services towards their clients within the Mbombela Local Municipality. The utility company, which is under the supervision of the South African Water Works (SAWW), has their sights set on providing reliable water to the communities and industries that require them. Silumumanzi greatly understands the importance of conserving water. With the power of technological facilities, effective distribution systems, and the support of fellow partners, the company has garnered a positive track record in the industry. Through 20 years of their operations, Silumumanzi continues to be an integral player of the local environment and rapid economic growth.

Silumumanzi operates based on the values they have established in the company’s business practices. The company strives on providing exception services, maintaining a responsible work ethic, and leading sustainability. While it is the company’s main job to provide satisfaction for their clients, Silumumanzi makes sure that their employees receive the high level of service as well. This effort motivates their workers to keep putting effort into their work, which will be reflected in the service provided to customers and shareholders. As Silumumanzi deals with a massive natural resource, the company ensures that their water services go through elaborate sanitation without causing a huge environmental impact towards their surrounding communities.

About Silumumanzi Bursaries 2021-2022
Silumumanzi is offering beneficial financial assistance to academically-driven students to pursue their respective qualifications in tertiary institutions. The Silumumanzi Bursaries is a wonderful opportunity the is in line with the company’s sustainability goals. By giving back to the talents in their surrounding areas, the company expects these awardees to contribute positively to the country’s economic growth in the future. If you urgently require financial aid to maintain your education journey, this opportunity was made for you.

The Silumumanzi Bursaries is offered to both students and undergraduates who are planning to develop a career in the local Water Industry. This External Bursary Scheme caters to these study fields below:

  • ND Water Care
  • Instrumentation Mechanical
  • BSc Electrical Engineering (heavy/light current)
  • BSc Information Technology
  • Fitting including Machinery
  • BSc Quantity Survey
  • ND Environmental Science
  • BSc Mechanical Engineering
  • Fitter and Turner
  • BSc Civil Engineering
  • BSc Biology
  • BSc Chemical Engineering
  • Millwright

Awardees of the Silumumanzi Bursaries will be entitled to financial aid that provides coverage for a couple of expenses. The coverage includes payment for the awardee’s registration fees, tuition expenses, accommodation costs, and prescribed study materials. However, the amount of the bursary is only limited to the estimated costs of the academic, which could range from time to time.

Additionally, awardees have the opportunity to renew their Silumumanzi Bursaries on a yearly basis – provided they display impeccable academic progress. Upon being selected for the bursary, awardees are obliged to participate in the company’s Water Learning Academy once they have finished their respective qualifications.

Please be kindly informed that this is a fixed requirement of the bursary. Awardees who do not wish to continue with the post-bursary obligations will be asked to make a repayment of their bursary funding, including interests.

Silumumanzi Bursary Requirements
The Silumumanzi Bursary is offered to students who reflects the values that are incorporated in the company. To proceed with the bursary registration, candidates must fulfill a series of eligibility criteria. Each of these items will be used by the selection committee to fairly evaluate all incoming candidates. Failure to meet the requirements listed below may potentially get you disqualified from the registration process. Be sure to pay attention to everything that is asked of by the selection committee to guarantee a successful application.

The Silumumanzi Bursary Requirements are as follows:

  • Officially recognized as a citizen of South Africa
  • Has a Matric qualification with Maths, Science at Level 6
  • Displays impressive academic potential
  • Has a letter of admission into a recognized tertiary institution in South Africa
  • Preference will be offered to candidates who are recognized as:
    • Previously Disadvantaged Individuals
    • People with Disabilities
    • Females
    • Residents originating from these areas:
      • Mbombela City
      • Tekwane
      • Msogwaba
      • Luphisi
      • KaNyamazane
      • Mattafin
      • KaMagugu
      • Mpakeni
      • Daantjie
      • Matsulu
      • Zwelisha

How to Apply Silumumanzi Bursary 2021-2022
Interested candidates of the Silumumanzi Bursary will need to access the Official Silumumanzi Vacancies Portal. Candidates must check whether the bursary scheme of their choice is accepting applications at the moment or not. This is due to the fact that the availability status of each programme differs from one time period to another. If it’s open right now, you can proceed with your registration. However, if it’s closed at the time of search, no need to worry. You can always come back to the vacancies portal any time in the future to check for new opening updates.

Candidates will need to attain their application forms from the Silulumanzi Customer Care Offices. You can find these offices in the areas of Mbombela City (Nelspruit), Matsulu, and KaNyarnazane. Make sure that you fill in the application forms with accurate, personal information. Candidates found to be falsifying their applications will be disqualified from the registration programme.

Once you have completed your application forms, please kindly send it through either one of these submission methods:

Postal Carriage:
The Bursary Department Human Resources P.0. BOX 12753 Mbombela City 1200

Hand Delivery:
Any Silulurnanzi Customer Care Offices in KaNyamazane, Matsulu and Mbombela City (Nelspruit)

Please be kindly advised that only shortlisted candidates will be directly notied by the selection committee.

Silumumanzi Contact Address
Office Address:
18 Nel Street, Bateleur Building, Mbombela City, 1200

Mail Address:
P.0. BOX 12753 Mbombela City 1200

Tel: +27 13 752 6839
Email: [email protected]

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