Western Cape Government Apprenticeship Programmes 2020

Be a Qualified Artisan through This Western Cape Government Apprenticeships 2020 Opportunities
An apprenticeship programme made by Western Cape Government will focus on the specific technical trades capability enhancement leading to Qualified Artisan certification through the Trade Test and modular-based lessons delivered in the programme.

Western Cape Government’s apprenticeship programme is held through on-the-job training in several South African-based tertiary institutions. These forms of training will contain some coursework, and participants are expected to meet each of apprenticeship’s goal in order to function better locally and internationally as Qualified Artisans.

Western Cape Government’s Apprenticeship Programme’s Schemes
Western Cape Government provides two different streams of apprenticeship programmes depending on how far potential applicants wish to pursue their knowledge. Below are the assigned tertiary institution lists that partnered with Western Cape Government to provide different types of apprenticeship programmes:

  • Mechanical Engineering: Practical Skills Course offered by the College of Cape Town is suitable for every Grade 10 graduates who have already passed Mathematics and Science subjects to deepen their motor-based engineering knowledge as well as career prospects in those areas.
  • The 4-year Bellville Mechanical Workshop Apprenticeship programme by the Department of Transport and Public Works is compatible for anyone who is ready to take on apprenticeship programmes more intensively to further enhance their capabilities prior to working.

Furthermore, those who want to focus specifically on their practical skills can aim for the related artisanship programmes by Western Cape Government through these following institutions along with their compatibilities for each people’s need:

  • The National Artisan Development Support Centre (NADSC) is offered to matriculants who want to be artisans, namely mechanics or plumbers.
  • Anyone wanting to undergo their Trade Test should visit The Artisan Training Institute (ATI) as this Institute provides pre-sessional trading assessment as well as Western Cape Trade Test placement level.
  • For those aspiring to work in highly-computerised working environments, yet still have their artisan abilities enhanced, the Artisans Skills Development Agency (ASDA) is the best suitable institution to be chosen.
  • With each of its differing sectors, the 21 Services Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) can be a great choice to undertake apprenticeship programme through 21 different sectors.

How to Apply for Western Cape Government’s Apprenticeship Programme
Applications for Western Cape Government’s apprenticeship programme are entirely done through online system in the Western Cape Government’s official web page. After being redirected to the web page, hover to the apprenticeship and/or the artisanship programme and click the desired programme scheme to get and fill in their application forms.

Western Cape Government’s Apprenticeship Programme Opening and Closing Deadlines On 2020
Each individual Western Cape Government’s apprenticeship programme have their own important deadlines. Hence, it’s important to view the Western Cape Government’s official web page for more updated information regarding on their apprenticeship’s deadlines.

Western Cape Government’s Apprenticeships’ Contacts
In times where questions arise, please contact these following email, telephone, and fax numbers:

Physical Address:

Postal Address:

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