Vhembe TVET College Learnership Programmes 2021-2022

Vhembe TVET College Profile
The Vhembe TVET College is a leading, educational institution that is based in the Vhembe District of Limpopo Province. Since its formation 55 years ago, the college has implemented effective teaching systems and learning curriculums to provide the upmost qualification of technical and vocational education. Students of the college are encouraged to develop themselves through a series of programmes that will enrich them with the necessary skills to forge a career in the future.

Recognized by neighboring institutions such as SETA, the Vhembe TVET College is an institution that is favored by many youths. It’s ability to cater individuals in different fields is what makes the college a favorite. By fostering a supportive environment, students are able to make full use of the college’s resources and grow as an individual. Likewise, the Vhembe TVET College ensures that all activities are conducted with a set of principles. Through excellence, trust, and accountability, the Vhembe TVET College commits themselves to providing quality education through a series of collaborations.

About Vhembe TVET College Learnerships 2021-2022
The Vhembe TVET College is offering learnership programmes for potential, South African youths who would like to acquire new knowledge and working skills. The Vhembe TVET College Learnerships is a one-stop opportunity to receive the necessary foundation required to excel in a real-time working environment. Here, candidates may choose one of the three available programmes provided by the institution. These list of programmes include Short Skills Programmes, Learnership Programmes, and Artisan Development Programmes.

1. Short Skills Programmes
Participants who are interested in the fields of Bricklaying, Painter, Electrical, Carpenter, and Plumber may opt for this programme. True to its name, the Short Skills Porgrammes will only conducted for a total duration of 3 months. Each participant will be eligible for an allowance of R1 000 throughout the entire programme.

2. Learnership Programmes
Participants who are interested in the fields of End User, Carpentry, Electricity, and Plumbing can choose to pursue this programme instead. Unlike the previous programme, the Learnership Programmes is a lot longer in duration, going over the course of 12 months. Throughout their entire learning journey, participants will be entitled to an allowance of R1 500.

3. Artisan Development
Partcipants who would like to strongly develop their Bricklaying skills are highly encouraged to choose this programme. Under the Artisan Development Programme, candidates are pushed to sharpen their Artisan Bricklaying competencies. As this programme will involve intense sessions in mastering your craft, candidates must be ready to allocate 3 years into this programme. Chosen participants will received a beneficial allowance of R2 000 for additional support.

Vhembe TVET College Learnership Requirements
The Vhembe TVET College Learnership is available for a select number of students only. Due to the massive attention it has been garnering, the committee is limiting their learnership positions. In order to qualify for the programme, candidates must fulfill all of the eligibility criteria that has been set. Each of these items below will determine your success rate with the applications. Failure to meet everything may result in disadvantageous consequences towards your registration process.

The Vhembe TVET College Learnership Requirements are as follos:

  • Holds an official Grade 12 qualification with Mathematics as the main subject
    • For the Artisan Development Programme, candidates must hold a Grade 9 qualification, with Maths and Science as the main subjects, as well as an N2 Bricklaying Certificate
  • Currently not employed by any other company
  • Between 18-35 years old
  • Has not take part in any previous learnership programmes prior to this one
  • Officially recognized as a legitimate citizen of South Africa
  • A current resident of Vhembe District, Limpopo Province.

How to Apply Vhembe TVET College Learnership 2021-2022
Applications for the Vhembe TVET College Learnership are conducted online. To get started, all interested candidates must access the Official Vhembe TVET College Careers Portal. From here on, you can take a look at whether your desired learnership is accepting applications at the moment or not. This is due to the fact that the availability status of each programme from one time to another.

Once you have double checked that the Vhembe TVET College Learnership is open right now, please prepare your application dossier. Candidates are required to provide their most updated Curriculum Vitae, a brief Cover Letter, valid copies of your qualifications (does not exceed six months), valid copies of your Identity Document, and legitimate proof of your current residence.

After you have prepared your application dossier, please hand deliver them to Vhembe TVET College (Central Office). Should you have any further enquiries or concerns about the Vhembe TVET College Learnership, please have delivered to MS Khobo T at +27 15 963 7071/75.

Vhembe TVET College Contact
Physical Address:
Central OfficeSite 203, Unit A, Sibasa, Limpopo, 0970

Postal Address:
Private Bag X2136

Telephone: +27 15 963 7000
Fax: +27 15 963 3150/4
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.vhembecollege.edu.za/

Source: Vhembe TVET College; Writer: Larxsati; Editor: Melisa; Image: vhembecollege.edu.za.

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