City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality Vacancies 2020

About City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality
The City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality is situated in the Gauteng Province. As the most advanced city in the entirety of Africa, the city has a one-of-a-kind African character that takes pride in its world-class infrastructure. With an outstanding past and legacy, the city of Johannesburg was named after Johannes Meyer a and Johannes Rissik. What was once a small settlement grew into a urbanized city in such a period. Even after during its troubling times of trials and tribulations, the fighting spirit of the City of Johannesburg still lives one.

City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality Job Vacancies 2020
The City of Johannesburg realizes its potential of gaining worldwide attention from people who are seeking opportunities to follow their dreams and chase their of versions of success. One major reason for this is because the city has been constantly attracting citizens from nearby provinces and other countries as the City of Johannesburg is brimming with better economic opportunities and a higher living standard of life.

With a massively young demographic and focusing on main areas such as finance, business services, community services, manufacturing, and trade., the City of Johannesburg is regarded as the epicenter of South Africa, becoming the nation’s ultimate job magnet for people who are seeking for employment.

Interested in looking for job opportunities in the City of Johannesburg? Look no further! Visit the official City of Johannesburg Job Vacancy page here.

How to Apply:

  1. Download the City of Johannesburg Job Application form here
  2. Fill out the application form with correct information
  3. Attach your application form with your supporting Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter
  4. Submit your application form and all other required documents to your employer.

Note: some job vacancies in the City of Johannesburg requires applicants to send in either a soft copy of the application through email or hand deliver a hard copy of the application to the City of Johannesburg government office. Please check with your job vacancies for more information on submission.

If you have not heard back within a period of four weeks, it means that your application was unaccepted. However, there’s always more employment opportunities ahead. Don’t forget to regularly check the City of Johannesburg Job Vacancies page here.

Sample Job Positions:

  • General Worker
  • Administration Assistant
  • Enrolled Nurse Assistant
  • Professional Nurse
  • Secretary.

City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality Contact Details:
Physical Address:
158 Civic Boulevard

Postal Address:
PO Box 1049

Tel: (011) 407 6111
Fax: (011) 403 8723
Email: [email protected]

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